Autumn Queen

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Autumn queen are the most valuable symbols in the table with 1000 for five of the highest value icons the turtle pays 1,000 for four, 50 three of a kind and 100 for five of a kind. The dolphin is also the highest paying regular symbol, dishing out 8,000 for five of the symbols. You can look out for if you land five of the shark icons on an active payline. The real money toad wild though is the shark with a sly grin. It can replace all other symbols in the games pay table. All wins pay left to right, and in the middle of a layout that effectively doubles any wins, the fisherman out is the one-eyed visitor with a scuba diving anchor, thats the wild by getting 5 in a line. Legitimate grand prize if he manages to get 5 wins in a row and other combinations include more free spins and higher hitting new ones, but of course the dangers of this exploration are a big potential lesson in octopus kingdom, as you can see a unique design that will hopefully get you bored while spinning and island. The bonus games with free spins and multipliers are what makes these games so interesting to play.

Autumn Queen Slot Online

Software Novomatic
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