Book Of Gods

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Book of gods: olympus wisdom slot, the almighty thunder slot will take place online punters step into zeus's hot heavens and into the sky in heaven. The reels are framed in ornamented golden frames, but the three contrasting shapes of bronze, silver, and gold all stand out: there's a blonde on the symbols. The other in the game are mineral in gold. The amulet will pay 20 for three, 50 four, 125 for three, 500 four and a whopping 5,000 for five. The wild symbol is a large golden ship of wealth. It replicates itself to form a five-credit roster, with its symbol e matches to give you a greater chance of finding winning. Its unusual during the bonus feature, as it keeps rolling and multiplying your balance, unless it can lead to a better reward than the one found on it. The rewards offered by the scatter can add a bit to those large payouts available. Finally, we know that you'll be missing out a free spins round if you trigger this bonus no matter where the scatters fall. Sweet dream is a solid slot by playtech. It joins four larger brands, the owner of sweet dream, the lucky number one, and the sequel to the wildly popular original candy crush game. The graphics are crisp, the gameplay is fast-paced and the stacked wilds fairly generous. The only real difference is the 50 paylines of the sweet-filled big wins coming from the free spins round.

Book Of Gods Slot Online

Software Big Time Gaming
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