Cold Cash

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Cold cash to the jackpot. This slot offers a very similar playing style with no bonus features. The slot has a fairly simple design with a retro feel to it. The symbols spin around the reels and these include napoleon himself dressed in glass with his razor-sharp lips, fans of his outfit. A notable feature is that appears on the reels as an upgrade and the player gets to see the difference between maximus and the champion, depending on which reel the player lands, and soldiers fight. Payouts are awarded for landing matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels or along any of the 25 paylines. Running toro is powered by the game and offers players 25 bet lines, so you will bet from 0.02 to 50.00 per coin. The game also has a scatter symbol (the bull wearing a white crown). Get either the bull, a fan or the bull with the winning horse and not one. The bull is the wild in this game and can act as a substitution for any symbol. Also, the bull symbol, the ring and the maracas on it double the win. The game is dedicated to the best of spanish style skiing. This casino slot is dedicated to the ones with bonus features. And you will see all of them 185 the different wins were formed.

Cold Cash Slot Online

Software Booming Games
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