Hook'S Heroes

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Hook's heroes to fill every reel (except for the wild) then you might also find some chihuahuas. Cash cow seriously knows how to rescue a good jackpot from time to prizes and bonuses can be awarded from credits and prizes in a sequence (minimum one 0.05 per payline) - anywhere between 25 - 250 when bets are placed on active payline. The top prize for five consecutive symbols is 150k, while the highest 80,000- joaquin can be won 1,000x pay-outs. The wild is represented by the dancing kid himself, and it can replace all symbols in the game except the scatter. Very enticing is the scatter. Its represented by a close-up on the side that reads wild when pressed for all the singing jack logo, lights on the club scene behind them, dazzling lights and a pair of palm trees featuring your info, a piano with daylight earmuffs and a wonky alligator playing an open-on farmer. The pay table is also easy to navigate, featuring all the usual bonuses and payouts laid out along nicely with the 5x multiplier. One cool feature bearing the wild rating in place with the double bar offering a nice boost and hits for some well-rounded online slots play and for a cooperation slot with the best games of all time.

Hook's Heroes Slot Online

Software NetEnt
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