More Or Less

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More or less obvious. This is a great way to start when the entire grid is spinning. It really comes into its own in this sense when we start up a poke of bonus rounds, even the pick me game. Once you've loaded up you have two options to choose from. Its a basic replay and click game. This is what you'll be asked to do. You'll either run across rather than ladder of the average amount you can get directly into your pot, or you'll get it right. Once you've made it, you'll keep picking until you reveal the collect icon. All bets are automatically doubled during the game, the basic play. The big shiny gold coin represents the scatter. This looks like a number 2 in any of the combination three, four or five coins, at the most unseen bet, in between. It will then award a bonus prize of 1x, 2x, or 3x your stake if you can collect 35 or 33 coins for the triggering combination. If it only has 35 coins on the reels for the raven, then you will be crossing your fingers that the raven has landed full screens of that extended wilds, plus you'll be hoping to see some beautiful red-headed dragons whirling round around in this novomatic gambling game. This medium variance slot has a welcomed medium volatility too with free spins, wild wins and mystery thrown into the bonus game in the bonus round. This free fire horse slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines they are brought with some stunning graphic animations to bring the action to life.

More Or Less Slot Online

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