Naughty Girls Cabaret

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Naughty girls cabaret slot game seems not that bad about this game. This slot can be played as a free play demo and a real money mode. When you are ready to play for real money, you will need to add some cash to get used how slots work at this online casino game. If you want to sounds too complicated to play, it's all it will make a quick overview for you. The pay table has a mixture of classic slots symbols, the lucky seven as the games wild and the free spins symbol. The low-paying symbols are mainly the fruits (the 9 to a) and the diamond (which pays a high limit of 250x your line bet), the bar symbol worth up to 200x your line bet, the red 7s with up to 10x, and the top symbol to be the high-paying icon which pays 150x your line bet. The number 7 is the second best paying symbol at 100x, and your balance could be boosted up to 15x, 50x, and 75x payouts. Finally, the sgs universal logo acts as the scatter symbol in the game. This is worth no less than 15x your total stake but could put off some large players. With its unique theme and beautiful graphics, this one armed bandit is a must play.

Naughty Girls Cabaret Slot Online

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