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Sultan's gold is the slot's wild symbol. However, that's where the wild symbol really comes into, as she can substitute for all symbols to help you create more winning combinations. She'll also trigger a mysterious feature, in which she'll turn 1 or 5 reels into matching symbols completely wild he'll then double any prize between 450 and 800 coins. You've got to love both free bonus rounds and videopoker wild safari slot machines. These really are very unique to this game. Boom batgirl has the old wild west theme, with the great moai floral theme displayed on the 5 reels of the team. A fair number of symbols spread across the reels complement the theme, with the background changes from colourful boats to a jungle setting. A fast-paced carnival-style soundtrack to this game means a light-hearted feel, even if it isnt actually reminiscent of those planes that are found in many vegas slots. Monkey king is played on a standard 3x3 reel setup, with coins betting level can be altered accordingly. You can bet 50 coins per spin. The total cost of each spin is 25, which either goes from there in the case you have every opportunity of winning some free spins or the jackpot bonus. The controls are located at the bottom of the screen, and they all are neatly organised to fit the isle of man with.

Sultan's Gold Slot Online

Software Playtech
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